every year as summer approaches, i start to love everything rose gold again, especially anything beauty related. sun kissed skin and rose gold makeup is the most beautiful combination. my go-to makeup look this summer will be mostly rose gold with a hint of pink, with some new and old product faves. i’ve listed what i’m using below to get this bronzy pink look.

on my eyes:

i’m wearing this new tom ford eyeshadow duo in color paradiso. it’s literally amazing. i had bought it in naked bronze in january and loved the cream to powder formula so much that i bought it in paradiso. i’m obsessed with it. it’s so pretty and the perfect pink with a hint of metallic which ends up being a rosey gold. it’s a cream base that is gorgeous on it’s own but then you can add a metallic powder on top for a dramatic look. this eyeshadow is on the pricier side, BUT it’s totally worth it and i think i’ll get it in the color sun worship next. also, tom ford packaging is just beautiful as per usual which is always an added bonus

on my cheeks: 

i use the loreal true match lumi liquid illuminator in color rose on the tops of my cheeks. it’s a true rose gold color and the formula is a sheer shimmer as opposed to some which have flaky sparkles which is a big no no. i highly recommend it for all skin types.

on my lips:

ysl rouge volupte lipstick in lingerie pink paired with the ysl gloss volupte in nude carat. this is an amazing combo. i love them both on their own or with other products as well, but paired together leaves you with a golden nude-pink gloss. the lipstick is matte which gives you the pink color but the gloss gives your lips some depth and tones down the very pink color into a more nude gold which is perfect for this look. sometimes in the summer, i’ll just wear the gloss which is equally beautiful on it’s own.

my perfume:

the tom ford orchid soleil perfume screams summer. first, let’s talk about the bottle. it’s beautiful. it’s what sold me before i even smelled it. maybe i could sense that it would smell like balmy beach nights. it’s a warm, peppery scent with notes of  tuberose. it’s very original so if you want something different, definitely pick it up for summer.