i can’t believe easter is less than a week away, which means summer is coming so soon! although easter in india isn’t quite the same as home, i still like to wear spring-y pastel colors every year. since i was a little girl i always wore a pink or light blue dress and it’s a tradition i can’t give up. there isn’t a better match than pastels on easter day. i love that it reminds me of pretty easter eggs that i loved as a kid, actually who am i fooling, i still love decorating eggs with pinks, blues and glitter. i thought id show two looks that i’ll wear this sunday. both are just perfect for the day. i can’t think of anything more girly for easter than a floral lace dress or pleated preppy skirt in a pop of pastel. happy easter!

silk lace cami | skirtshoes

dressshoes | lipstick