Month: April 2017

summer is less than two months away and i found the prettiest blush jelly sandals! buy them here!  i’m obsessed with this blush color for summer, but they also come in 3 other amazing colors as well. pick these up before they are sold out. they will be so useful for pool days since you don’t have to worry about them getting wet. xx

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1 | bobbi brown eyeshadow stick in pink sparkle

i have been wearing this EVERY day since i got it in feb. it’s the prettiest pink eyeshadow and would work on so many skin tones. i have tried SO many pink lid colors and this is by far the best. and, it’s so easy to apply so it’s perfect for anyone on the run or who doesn’t have eyeshadow brushes because the best way to apply is to just apply directly from the stick and then rub it in with your finger. it’s so pretty for spring and summer.

2 | bcbg heel sandals

i loved these sandals all of last month and i think they will be a fave this month too. the color is is a light mauvy pink which goes with all of the colors that i’m loving at the moment. also, they are under $60 so you don’t have to worry about being too careful with them, which is ideal for me, living in mumbai which is definitely not always the cleanest. oh, and i love the bow on the back. who doesn’t love a cute bonus bow?

3 | redken blonde idol

guys, this stuff is amazing. it literally transforms your hair, especially if you are in the sun. it gives blonde hair the perfect ashy tone that diminishes when you are in the sun. think pretty cool tone instead of orange brassy hair. i’ve been searching for something that works because i’ve never had success with a purple shampoo and i’ve tried so many. i will say the packaging is pretty horrific but i will still keep buying it because i LOVE it so much.

4 | frayed skinny blush pants

i bought these at the end of jan when i was home and wore them all of last month. they are really neutral toned pink so they aren’t that in-your-face colored denim. they seem to go with almost everything i put on so it makes it super easy. i never shop here but randomly walked in and loved these. just a tip- size down, bc they run big.

5 | louis vuitton josephine wallet

i finally broke down and bought a new wallet. i started interning at kate spade in college and then working there when i graduated so i haven’t needed to buy a wallet in almost 10 years. scary. my last one was finally done and ready to be tossed so i picked this up and i have to say i’m loving the damier azur print. since i live in a warm client, anything light and bright just works year round.

6 | prada bear keychain and prada robot keychain

i love anything cute and these seriously spell the word cute. i fell in love with them when i was shopping in dubai last summer but held off until i saw them again in montreal. my mom is amazing and always gets me the best treats so i wasn’t surprised when she got it for me, BUT i was surprised about how much i love it. i was worried it would end up in a drawer and not really be used but it’s so practical since it’s a keychain so i just hang it on the inside or outside of my bag and can always find my keys so easily. i’m just obsessed with them! i linked a few less expensive versions here. 1 | 2

7 | revlon lipgloss in pink diamond

i have so many lip products that i can’t even keep up. it’s hard to remember what you even have at some point. i randomly started using this again one day and remembered how much i love it. it’s very unique because it’s a pretty pink with a cool metallic sheen to it and can be quite transparent or very buildable, doubling as a lipstick. i tend to just wear it on it’s own and apply a generous amount and it ends up looking like a lip and lipgloss. i can’t recommend the color enough though so if you are looking for a pink lipgloss, definitely give this a go.


i can’t believe easter is less than a week away, which means summer is coming so soon! although easter in india isn’t quite the same as home, i still like to wear spring-y pastel colors every year. since i was a little girl i always wore a pink or light blue dress and it’s a tradition i can’t give up. there isn’t a better match than pastels on easter day. i love that it reminds me of pretty easter eggs that i loved as a kid, actually who am i fooling, i still love decorating eggs with pinks, blues and glitter. i thought id show two looks that i’ll wear this sunday. both are just perfect for the day. i can’t think of anything more girly for easter than a floral lace dress or pleated preppy skirt in a pop of pastel. happy easter!

silk lace cami | skirtshoes

dressshoes | lipstick

one of the many things that i love about perfume are the memories they bring. i have a few fragrances that i can’t even wear because they remind me too much of different times in my life (ie. gucci rush in high school and i. just. can’t.) and i really love that each year when the season changes, i wear the same 1-2 fragrances that i wore at the same time the previous year, while adding 1 or 2 new ones as well. it’s no surprise that i’m addicted to perfume so i wanted to share this year favorites for spring. i like to keep them light and flowery before i start wearing heavier scents in the summer. i always think spring fragrances should be the lightest of the year.

marc jacobs daisy

i’ve been wearing this every spring, into summer for the past 3 years. it’s one of my all time favorites. byredo came out with mohave ghost which smells almost exact but it’s just a tad bit lighter so if you want something a bit heavier but still perfect for spring, try this. it smells like gardenia mixed with strawberry, with woody and jasmine bottom notes. if you love gardenia, you need this! buy it here

jo malone peony & blush suede

we all know the hype around this fragrance so i debated not including it, but i just couldn’t. it smells exactly like it says, peony with a musky suede undertone. it’s just a beautiful scent that you can’t live without, especially because i wear mine layered with other scents throughout the year. it’s a staple i would highly recommend, especially if you like a light peony scent, which, who doesn’t? buy it here!

davidoff cool water sea rose

this is my newest perfume which a dear friend gave me and i find it so easy to wear. it’s the lightest of all 4 of the perfumes and i can just spritz it on no matter where i’m going and not have to worry if it’s too strong. it’s smells like sea with a rose bottom note. anything with a rose is always a win for me. buy it here.

jo malone english pear & freesia

my sister gave this perfume the last time i was home. to be honest, i wasn’t in love with it at first but now i’m obsessed. it’s very unique with the pear and freesia combo and the freesia brings back memories of when i was in middle school and i wore bath and body works freesia body mist. i would definitely get this if you want something new that smells different than most fragrances out right now. i’m actually glad i gave it a try because i hadn’t fallen in love with any new jo malone perfume since my beloved wood sage and sea salt which i could literally eat, so i’m glad to have more jo malone in my life again. buy it here.