Month: March 2017

with the cold shoulder trend being so big this year, i thought why not have one more piece before it dies out. i found this fun top from zara (which i never shop at so it was a shocking find for me) so i picked it up and thought it would be super cute for summer. i wore it in goa on a crazy hot day at brunch with these comfy current/elliott ripped boyfriend jeans and wedges, before changing into shorts and sandals for the beach (which i didn’t get pics of because i was seriously running out of beach time and well, priorities). i’ve linked the outfit down below for all of you cold shoulder fans.

top | jeans | wedges, similar here | earrings | sunglasses

there is nothing that reminds me more of vacation than palm trees. i was in goa, india this past weekend and wore this pretty blue maxi dress so i thought id share it since i know so many of you will be going away for spring break soon! i wore it all day and it was super comfy over a bikini. i went to lunch at the cutest cafe (which i highly recommend if you are ever visiting) and then spent the whole day at the beach. there is no better feeling for me than tanned skin and salt water in my hair. this palm print dress which i doubled as a coverup was one of my favorite things i wore while i was there. palm prints are so playful and right on trend for summer- oh and i LOVE the back, especially with a cute bikini in a bright color underneath. i linked mine and a few other super cute options below!

my dress

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

lipgloss | chanel #15 sensible. i wore this all weekend. it’s the perfect shade of coral and has a great color payoff.

the weather in mumbai is very different than anything i’m used to in the u.s.. it’s hot all year long but cools down in jan/feb a bit. it’s slowly getting hotter and hotter now and although i’m feeling and loving the summer vibes, i still like to remember the seasons back home. it’s not exactly “spring” weather here but i still did spring shopping when i was home that i thought would remind me of the season until i go back for the u.s. summer in june. sunday, i woke up late and went for the BEST brunch in mumbai at bastian and then had some errands to run around the city, so i figured i’d show a few outfit pictures from the day. i’m still trying to decide if i should head back in a few weeks to get some real springtime weather in new york. crossing my fingers.

top | joie, similar here

pants | pacsun (i literally have never shopped here in my life, but i was actually pleasantly surprised. you just have to get past the 15 year old marketing that they do)!

espadrilles | steve madden, i wear a size US 6.5 and they are true to size | i was originally going to buy the chloe espadrilles  but they were sold out. then i saw the marc fisher ones which look identical but THEN i was waiting for my sister at the mall and saw the steve madden pair that i ended up purchasing. they basically all the look the same but these are WAY cheaper.

watch | michele

eyeshadow | bobbi brown shadow stick in pink sparkle

lipstick | mac pure zen

with spring and summer around the corner, i thought it would be the perfect time to write a review on the st. tropez self tan luxe face oil. i have been using it for over 6 months so i thought i would finally give a thorough review. i’ve been using self tanner since high school and have tried every single brand out there from the u.s., u.k. and dubai. last summer i bought the st. tropez self tan luxe face oil while i was in the u.s., when i randomly saw it at sephora. i had tried other st. tropez products and didn’t love them but when i saw this i thought i would give the brand one more go.

the stats:

brand: st. tropez

price: $35 for 1 oz

st. tropez markets it as is “a lightweight self-tan oil formulated for the face.

i couldn’t agree more! at least based on the results that i got from using the product. it comes in a pretty glass bottle with an eyedropper for application. the color is a medium bronze in the bottle.

how i apply it:

i apply a generous amount, about 4 full droppers on my face and then another 4 on my neck and chest (this might be a little aggressive but hey, im obsessed with a good tan!) it takes 4-6 hours for it to start tanning your skin. i usually just apply it at night. there is scent but it isn’t extremely noticeable like every other self tanner in the market, so it’s a huge bonus for me since i hate that smell. i’ve been using it every 2-3 days and one bottle lasted for over 5 months. the formula is a fast drying oil. i don’t find it to be moisturizing even though it’s an oil. it dries to a matte finish after about 10 minutes.

the verdict:

i love this self tanner and would highly recommend it. it gives me a 1-2 shades darker tone on my skin whether i have a natural tan from the sun or whether i am at my normal pale shade. i’ve used it in india in the hottest and most humid months and also in the winter months in new york, and it works great in both types of weather.  i seriously love this product and couldn’t live without it. when i was traveling back to the u.s. in december, it broke in my luggage and i literally bought a new one the next day because i NEEDED it.

the cons:

the application could be easier. i don’t think the eyedropper is the easiest as it runs between your fingers when you drop it out.

overall, this is by far my FAVORITE self tanner. it doesn’t leave the typical orange shade and doesn’t have a bad smell which most self tanners are famous for. it gives a glowy, bronze tone and has a slight earthy smell that goes unnoticed once dried. the texture being a dry oil is also unlike other typical tanners which all have a sticky finish. if you haven’t tried it, make sure and pick it up soon and thank me later.