1. BKR HEART WATER BOTTLE: i’ve been using and loving these bottles for the past 5 years, as soon as they came out. i love the glass bottle but i love the shape even more and how easy they are to carry. i fell in love with this pink and silver heart bottle when i was shopping at holts in montreal. it’s the cutest thing ever and is such a fun valentine’s day gift for a friend.

2. DIAMOND LIPS EARRINGS: i saw these online a few days ago and couldn’t order them fast enough. the lips are perfect for valentines day but i love them for any day of the year since they are small studs. it helps that they are on sale too! i’m just sad i can’t get mine until the next time i go home since i didn’t ship them to india.

3. DIPTYQUE ROSA MUNDI CANDLE : i saw this at holts in montreal as well (i clearly shop there too much) when i was eating lunch at the cafe. i saw the print from afar and was immediately drawn to it because it’s so beautiful and feminine. when i smelled it, i couldn’t pass it up, even though my sister had just given me two new diptyque candles just two days before. i didn’t think anything could smell better than the usual roses candle from diptyque which is my all time fave, but it actually does. it offers a unique and yummy rose aroma making it a true luxury gift for anyone.

4. SUGARFINA BENTO BOX: i ordered this candy box for some family and friends. i wanted to send candy but really wanted something different. i was originally going to send compartes chocolate, which is divine as well but thought this was something new and cute to try. candy is obviously perfect for vday but this adds a luxe touch to something so ordinary.

5. KATE SPADE JEWELRY BOX: i LOVE kate spade jewelry boxes. i have two that i keep out and they are so feminine and young. i seriously love them. they make for something unique with character, unlike a typical jewelry box. these are such a fun way to store your jewelry and also double as a decor piece. kate spade will always have my heart for so many reasons and these jewelry boxes just add to that love.